CollegeWeekLive is a free, online event designed to connect prospective students with colleges and universities in a live, interactive environment. CollegeWeekLive is held several times a year.
Attendees will be able to navigate through a virtual exhibit hall and visit virtual booths of over 200 colleges and universities where they can chat live with admissions officers and students. An auditorium will offer live video presentations - and real time Q&A - with leading experts on admissions and financial aid. CollegeWeekLive will also offer scholarship resources, networking capabilities, prizes and special discounts from event sponsors and participating organizations.
CollegeWeekLive is held completely online; just log in at www.CollegeWeekLive.com.
  • PC or Mac with speakers
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Adobe Flash version 9 or later installed
  • Internet or web browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. AOL browsers NOT compatible.
  • Turn off all pop-up blockers:
    • For Internet Explorer, go to "Tools", then "Pop-up Blocker", then choose "Turn Off Pop-up Blocker".
    • For Mozilla Firefox, select "Tools", then "Options", select "Content" and make sure the "Block Pop-up Windows" is unchecked.
    • If you have additional menu or search toolbars installed, you must also turn off pop-up blockers within these add-ons.
  • If accessing within a high school or other institution, confirm that IP ports 80,443,1935,2048 are accessible. IP address
Over 300 colleges and universities from across the US and abroad will have representatives at CollegeWeekLive. For a list of schools, please visit our participating colleges page.
CollegeWeekLive is happening all year long, with some participating colleges and universities chatting everyday. Visit our events page to see all upcoming events.
You can sign up for CollegeWeekLive for free right now at by clicking here.
CollegeWeekLive is completely free! All you need to do is sign up.
Students, parents, and guidance counselors will be attending this event. College booths will be staffed by admissions officers and, in some cases, students from the college itself. Admissions experts will provide several relevant Keynote Presentations. There will also be a student chat area where current college students will field questions about their school and the admissions process.
CollegeWeekLive is an online college fair. It has all the benefits of attending a college fair, only instead of having to travel to the show, you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. You can visit booths, and interact with presenters and attendees just as you would at your typical conference. The difference is we bring the fair directly to you!

CollegeWeekLive offer the following tools to assist students in their college search:

  • Live streaming video presentations from admissions experts, guidance counselors, admissions officers, and current college students - with real time Q&A sessions
  • Virtual booths for colleges and universities featuring:
    • Electronic brochures and course catalogs
    • Campus images, videos and podcasts
    • Real-time IM and video chat between students and school representatives
    • Videos that describe a school and its surroundings
  • Scheduled school-specific presentations by admissions officials
  • A resource center for students and parents
  • Networking capabilities so that attendees can communicate with other attendees
  • College application tips and advice
  • Communicate directly with admissions staff and students from multiple schools.
  • Access brochures and marketing materials from many schools -- in a single place.
  • Search schools, in an organized way, based on user-defined criteria.
  • Interact with schools they may not normally consider or may not be aware of.
  • Save on time and travel costs.
  • Chat and learn in a comfortable environment.
Absolutely. Attendees can come and go as they please, visit the booths and sessions that interest them most, and spend as much time as they want in any area of the exhibit hall.
If you are a college or university interested in having a booth at CollegeWeekLive, email us at colleges@collegeweeklive.com or call 800.828.8222 to learn more.
Call us at 888.697.0050 for live technical support.